Winter sports: skiing

Discover the best ski slopes

The sport of downhill skiing, an English invention

Alpine skiing is for thrill-seekers. Downhill skiing consists of letting yourself slide down a snow-covered slope on skis. Downhill skiing is a sporting practice of sliding. The skier needs to be in good physical condition to avoid the risk of injury. It is also recommended that the skier trains his muscles and heart on a regular basis in order to hurtle down the great snow-covered landscapes, for further infod please visit

When to go skiing

When to go skiing?

The snow-covered mountains, as points out, are a must for skiers and snowboard enthusiasts. For simple holidaymakers, it is often not easy to choose the right time to go. The best season for downhill skiing is during the whole winter period. It is during this season that you will find the best activities to do with the snow conditions and even at competitive prices.

Ski accessories

Ski accessories
Ski accessories
Ski accessories
Ski accessories

Various winter sports


Snowboarding is a sliding sport that is practiced on a snowboard. The skier stands aside like on a skateboard or a surfboard and is held by two bindings and a pair of boots adapted. Equip yourself with the essential snowboard accessories. Visit Vetement Ski for more about ski accessories.

A “Free ride” on a snowboard is an incredible pleasure. It’s a different sliding sensation from downhill skiing.

Ski touring

Ski touring is simply ski touring. It’s a way to travel through the mountains and the magnificent landscapes. The ski tourer evolves in the mountains away from the off-piste ski resorts. The ski tourer has special ski accessories: ski touring boots, safety equipment (small pharmacy…) and small equipment (sunglasses…).