List of equipment needed to start snowboarding

What we love in winter is the pleasure of skiing and snowboarding... Indeed, it is very important to have the necessary equipment to fully enjoy this sensational activity. But what are the essentials? And what type of clothing should you wear?

Why snowboard?

Snowboarding will give you new sensations even if you are a fan of downhill skiing and ski touring. The pleasure will certainly be there. Besides, you can start at any age. Also, it's an easy sport to learn compared to skiing that in a few days, you can pass to the intermediate level. An off-piste experience will also give you exceptional moments that you will not soon forget. The sliding sensations will be magical... Also, some of the basic snowboarding equipment can be used when you ski.

What is the most essential equipment?

The basic snowboard equipment is the board. It must be light and adapted to your size if you want to learn snowboarding quickly. Then you will need bindings and boots. These must guarantee you optimal comfort. When it comes to clothing, you should prefer ski suits. They are very practical and can keep you warm when you are on the terrain. For underwear, prefer loose fitting tops. Other accessories will also be useful, such as quality gloves to protect your hands from frost, ski goggles to protect your eyes from the snow and a fleece neckband. Beware! Sweaters should be avoided.

What to do: buy or rent?

Well, you don't master the subject yet, you don't know if you're passionate about snowboarding or not... So, at the beginning, it would be better to rent basic snowboarding equipment, especially if it's for occasional use. Then, as time goes by, you will be able to buy the essentials according to your level. Beware! When you become familiar with this activity and you tend to shift into higher gear, it is strongly recommended that you wear a helmet to protect your head in case of a fall or accident. Furthermore, if you are a little shy, avoid the high season to learn snowboarding. There will be fewer spectators. And to master the basic techniques, don't hesitate to take lessons. It's both fun and instructive.
Good reasons to snowboard

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