Ski holidays: the importance of a waterproof backpack

Temperatures are gradually dropping and the mountain tops are beginning to be covered by a sumptuous white sheet. Winter is just around the corner, and it's time to get ready for a skiing holiday. So it's time to get to know the next destination, but also, and above all, to find waterproof bags to carry all the luggage and equipment needed during your stay. And here, you're probably asking yourself: "why choose this type of bag when you can opt for hiking backpacks, which are also sold at very affordable prices? ยป. Well, there are several arguments that can explain this option. But today, only 5 good reasons will be explained in the following paragraphs. That said, as few as they may be, they will undoubtedly convince you and guide you towards the right choice.

For optimal protection of your business

As its name suggests, the waterproof bag is first and foremost a waterproof bag. It does not allow water or frost to pass through its walls. But in addition to being water-repellent, it also has very firm and compact walls that stop sand and dust from penetrating. Also, it is important to note that this type of bag is generally made of solid and flexible materials (see below) that are weatherproof. Due to all these properties, this bag is therefore ideal for a ski trip, as it is able to protect all your belongings in an optimal way. You can then rely on it to avoid damage to your personal belongings: clothes, clothing accessories, etc.; but also and above all to your various electronic devices: tablet, smartphone, camera, laptop, etc. Today, it is easy to find this type of bag on the market. However, to choose a quality waterproof backpack and not make a mistake, it is always better to turn to the signs and / or professional online stores. In case you have any doubts, it is best to consult the opinions of Internet users on forums, social networks, or directly on the website of the brand or distributor of the product.

To have enough space for your luggage and equipment

Generally speaking, waterproof bags are more or less voluminous. The majority of manufacturers have created them this way in order to provide enough space to carry all the necessities of outdoor sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Thus, it is now possible to obtain large capacity bags ranging from 30 to 80 litres from specialized stores and platforms. For your information, some more advanced models also offer a large volume of up to 90 litres and more. However, these are generally intended for professionals who need several pieces of equipment and/or who take part in adventures (or competitions) that last for days or even months. Especially for a ski trip, a 40-litre waterproof backpack is enough on average to carry the luggage of the whole family (about 4 people, or 10 litres per head). Here, this choice is to be made if you have opted for only a weekend (or 3 days) in the mountains. So, you just have to turn to another larger or smaller capacity depending on the length of your stay and your number. Do you want to put your children's luggage aside? You should know that there are also backpacks for children that are also waterproof. On the market, many signs and brands offer them at more or less affordable prices in relation to their quality.

To carry less luggage during your ski trip

As you have just seen, the vast majority of waterproof panniers have a very high volume. A 40-litre bag is more than enough to carry all the essentials (4 people, 10 litres per head) for a 2 to 3-day ski trip. By opting for this capacity, you will be able to take the maximum of useful things for everyone: - Warm clothes and all kinds of accessories: gloves, ski goggles, down jacket, etc. - Electronic devices: tablets, cameras, chargers, etc. - Survival kit: penknife, Swiss Army knife, lighters, compasses, etc. - First aid box for possible domestic accidents In short, thanks to the waterproof bag, no more clutter with several suitcases that will undoubtedly delay you at the airport or train station. All you have to do is prepare one or two large bags of 30 and/or 40 litres, and that's it. Having said that, you will of course need a small bag to carry everything you need on a daily basis: sun cream, first-aid kit, cameras, and this, for a matter of comfort and practicality, if only to quickly find the items that are useful to you in the immediate future.

For ergonomics

In addition to being spacious and waterproof, the waterproof bags are also ergonomic. In fact, their manufacturers have thought of everything to combine the useful and the pleasant. To give you an idea, most panniers are equipped with several compartments to store specific items. Thus, in a single backpack, you will find compartments reserved for : - Various electronic devices: tablets and smartphones, cameras, etc. - The various useful papers for your skiing trip: credit cards, CNI, passport, VISA, etc. - Clothes and clothing accessories - All kinds of equipment and necessities: sun cream, first-aid kit, etc. In other cases, small special bags often accompany the bags when you get them. It is therefore not uncommon to find inside them : -Waterproof covers for tablets or smartphones - Reserved waterproof covers for specialized devices such as GoPro, cameras, chargers, etc. - Waterproof briefcases to store and protect your important papers: credit cards, passport, etc. - Bags for wires and other items - Bath kits In any case, no matter what type of bag you buy, you will always be well organized thanks to the easy layout it provides. No more worrying about finding the card to pay the bill, the clothes you need for this or that day, etc.

For sturdiness and longevity

Waterproof backpacks have always been made of waterproof and strong materials. Their designers have indeed selected top-of-the-range fabrics and materials in order to give them the properties mentioned in the previous paragraphs. These properties are very important and useful, especially for a stay in a cold, damp and hostile place such as the mountains. Thus, the majority of waterproof bags are mostly made of PVC and/or nylon. For information, the latter are the most used in the marine environment because they are very strong and resistant to humidity and salt from the sea and oceans. In addition, they have a thickness and resistance that allows them to avoid tensions and tears.
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