Choosing the right alpine ski clothing

For a successful ski holiday, it is essential to bring adapted and quality equipment. Why is it important? Because it must provide you with better comfort and optimum safety. But what are the essentials? And what should you wear to ski? How to choose your equipment and ski accessories?

Clothing: what is the ideal outfit?

Appropriate clothing is mandatory to avoid cold and intense heat on the slopes. The ideal? Wear an alpine ski clothing with several layers of clothing, i.e. three layers of clothing. The undergarment must be breathable and made of material capable of retaining heat. Preferably opt for natural fabrics. For the second layer, polar fleece is the most popular among alpine skiers. Finally, a waterproof and breathable ski jacket and pants are placed on top. Currently, there are also combinations (women's, men's or children's ski suits) that are both practical and comfortable.

And what about boots and skis?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field, you need a complete set of equipment. Ski boots are a must with alpine ski clothing. You need to choose a size that fits the length and height of your foot. Similarly, you will also have to take into account the rigidity, which is chosen according to your level. As far as skiing is concerned, the type of terrain will help you determine the most appropriate model: off-piste skiing, freestyle skiing or skiing for groomed slopes. In any case, give it a try! Also, the length is defined according to your height, weight and level. Warning! High performance models are difficult to handle and short skis are easy to handle !!

What are the accessories?

Apart from the boots, the alpine ski clothing and the skis, there are other accessories that you need to bring along :
  • the poles: to ensure you a better stability
  • the helmet: to protect your head in case of a fall
  • bindings: for your skis
  • gloves: to protect your hands from the cold
  • Glasses: to protect your eyes from snow and light.
In any case, it is not necessary to buy everything you need, especially for occasional use. You can rent the essentials to reduce expenses: women's ski suit, skis, helmet... And if you then feel a passion for skiing, then you can set aside a budget to acquire your equipment.
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