Which ski to choose, how to choose your skis?

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an expert skier, you must be well equipped for your safety and comfort in the field. Skis are part of the essential equipment. But with all the models available in store, which model to buy?

The level: an essential point!

In principle, you must take into account your level of practice. What you're looking for is maximum pleasure, right? Then you must choose skis according to your performance:
  • beginner: you will ski on green or blue slopes. The initiation ranges are made for you!
  • intermediate: you are able to make turns and you evolve on the red slopes, then you can switch to progressive skis.
  • confirmed: you are able to play on any type of piste and even off-piste, opt for high performance skis
  • expert: skiing is like child's play, it's a passion! You master all the slopes and almost all the techniques? Prefer top-of-the-range skis

Practice and style of play

Of course, these are very important criteria. Indeed, there are versatile skis, but why not choose skis adapted to your needs for more feeling? But on which piste to play?
  • evolutionary skiing to ski on the ski areas
  • the ski with optimum stability and precision for those who love performance and speed
  • freeride for those who play mostly off-piste. Long skiing would be ideal
  • all-terrain or multi-purpose for those who play a little bit everywhere
  • freestyle for skiing on the slopes, snowparks, etc.
  • and speed racing to master curves, i.e. the most complex turns without skidding.

The size of the skis, for your comfort

The short ski is the easiest to handle. It is especially suitable for novices. But you must choose a size that fits you. Look at your height and choose skis that are 10 cm shorter. However, for those who prefer speed, the size should be the same as their height, as these skis provide good stability and more lift. Whereas to play on deep snow, the ski should be slightly taller than your waist (+5 cm). Warning! The adjustment must be personalized. Ask the store advisor to help you find the ideal model and adapt it!
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