Methods and techniques to progress in ski touring

Skiing is a popular winter sport worldwide. In France alone, there are as many as 350 resorts, each as beautiful as the next. But the sensations are more important when doing ski touring: you work both your endurance and your muscles for the ascent and descent. But how to progress in ski touring?

Ski touring, a derivative of alpine skiing

To practice ski touring, a level 2 on piste is essential. This means that you should master at least the basic techniques of alpine skiing. Indeed, the most difficult is the ascent, because it requires great strength... It will not be a piece of cake to reach the top. You will be exhausted and out of breath !!! But the descent will give you a unique sensation. Except that the risk is there. That's why it's important to always be vigilant. In any case, before starting ski touring, you should practice a regular physical activity. In any case, if it is the first time, look for easy circuits, between 700 and 900 altitude differences. This will allow you to live unforgettable experiences. Then, be patient if you want to progress up and down...

The best methods to progress upwards

In order to progress on the way up, it is very important to practice regularly. The same goes for progressing downhill. After testing the short circuits, increase the level. Go to 1000 to 1300 altitude differences. This is a complete training. And if you're ready to take it to the next level, continue to more than 1300 metres. Then try to increase your speed. If you've previously achieved 500 metres of ascent per hour, you should aim for 1000 metres of ascent per hour for the next session. It's very important to keep in mind that you're not playing on a track, so the danger is almost present. You should therefore be wary. In case of powder snow, you should be vigilant and reduce your speed to avoid accidents. And the arms should stay in front for better stability. Practise on a marked piste to gain experience before going downhill on ski touring... However, if you plan to ski touring occasionally, it is strongly recommended that you rent the equipment. But if not, don't hesitate to invest in quality equipment, adapted to your level and your needs.
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