Tips for buying touring skis

Ski touring is another form of skiing. This experience allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature while working your endurance and muscles. But this winter sport requires adequate equipment for an excellent raid. Ski touring skis are the most important. But which model to buy?

The all-rounder

In order to choose the right touring skis, you should first know the level of practice. If you want an all-terrain ski, you should choose a multi-purpose ski. For a better feeling, the width of the ski touring should be between 75 and 85 mm and the ideal weight is 2200g. In addition, it is also very important to choose the right ski touring size. The ideal would be to opt for the same length as your size. However, a short ski will be easier to maneuver while a long ski will give more lift and stability but will require more strength.

The free-rando

The free-rando will give you optimal stability and lift. You should think about choosing touring skis with a wider dimension, between 90 and 100 mm to be able to travel at high speed on the slopes. The freerider will therefore be able to make up to 1000 meters of vertical drop. Of course, the older models were heavy... But today, we can find freeride skis that are lighter and easier to handle. Regarding the right size ski touring, it would be better to opt for a length greater than your waist, between 5 to 10 cm longer. Attention! The freerando ski touring is not suitable for a multi-day tour and for long walks.

Running or fitness

It is an ideal equipment for speed enthusiasts. These skis are very light allowing athletes to increase their performance both uphill and downhill. The skate is generally narrow. In any case, it would be better to ask the advice of the store advisor. He is in the best position to help skiers choose their touring skis. In any case, a good ski touring size will offer better comfort. Beware! The ski tourers' skis must be light in order to allow them to make significant differences in height during the raid. In addition, you will also have to bring a pair of ski boots, without forgetting other essential accessories such as skins, ski touring clothes, the avalanche transceiver, the rucksack, a change of clothes, a water bottle, food, shovel, probe, survival blanket, first aid kit...
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