The best destinations for ski touring

A ski touring holiday!! Pure moments of happiness, with the guaranteed adrenaline rush and days rich in emotions... But what distinguishes skiing from ski touring? Are the necessary equipment identical to downhill skiing? And what destination to choose this year?

But what is the specificity of ski touring?

Ski touring is a winter sport. It is an endurance activity that can be practiced in the alpine reliefs as well as in off-piste circuits. A good physical condition and a mastery of the basics of downhill skiing (i.e. a minimum level 2) are essential. Why is this necessary? Because it can happen that the athlete has to cover unsecured sites and an unmarked ski touring circuit. And this represents a great risk. Unlike skiers, they can use crampons and ice axes just like mountaineers to move forward. However, it's a truly exciting experience, because ski touring will allow you to explore the pristine virgin snow, admire the magnificent landscape and wildlife... In short, sensations that you won't experience when you do downhill skiing! Nevertheless, it is very important to choose your ski touring destination for an unforgettable experience.

What equipment do I need?

The equipment is a little different from downhill skiing. Indeed, for a better experience, whatever your ski touring destination, you will need a pair of special touring skis, a pair of bindings, a pair of ski touring boots, poles, avalanche transceivers, knives, a shovel, a probe, a mask, gloves, crampons, an ice axe, a rope, a water bottle and a first aid kit. As for clothing, you should bring a hat, a jacket to keep you warm, a fleece... Ideally, you should bring a multilayer. In any case, to save money, it is advisable to rent these accessories!

But what are the best destinations?

You don't have to go to the end of the world to find the best ski touring destination. No! France and its neighbouring countries have many legendary sites that attract thousands of travellers every year, such as :
  • Ariège: located in France, you will experience magical moments on the peaks of the Pyrenees.
  • la Clusaz : still in France, take advantage of ski touring to discover the Aravis mountain range. Moreover, it has two marked runs for ski touring...
  • the Tröllaskagi : it is a tourist place located in Iceland. For the bravest, they can try to ski from the top of the mountain to the Arctic Ocean.
  • La Gressoney: the Monte Rosa ski area is a paradise for ski tourers, offering the possibility to make new excursions.
  • la Tignes : in this adorable French commune is a legendary ski resort, the meeting place for sportsmen !! If you want to enjoy a day of ski touring, you can try the ski touring circuit of the Vallons des Arses or the Col de la Sana.
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