What are the best destinations to go skiing?

Despite the diversity of existing ski resorts in all the countries, some destinations are more popular than others thanks to their slopes, wilderness, climate... Europe has some world-renowned ski resorts. But which ones? Where to go in winter?

In France, what are the best destinations?

Oh! European ski resorts are the most popular in the world. Indeed, in France alone, there are 350 ski resorts, the best of which are in the French Alps. In the Pyrenees, there are also a few resorts that make the reputation of France. We will mention some of the most beautiful French resorts: Tignes in Haute-Savoie with an altitude of 3000 meters. You can also practice snowmobiling, ice diving or paragliding in Plagne en Savoir with a ski area of 1250m. Menuires in the Alps: the ski area is classified as one of the most gigantic in France. Courchevel and Meribel with 600 km of downhill ski slopes and a Nordic circuit Bussang-Larcenaire in the Vosges: for family or couple holidays this is the ideal place. Moreover, the climate is mild In any case, it is very important to choose your ski destination France for an unforgettable holiday.

What are the other destinations outside of France?

You will be spoilt for choice. But where is the best ski resort? Difficult to find an answer to this question. Each country has its own attractions, as the resorts are as beautiful as the others: in Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Japan, North America, New Zealand, etc.

But how do you choose your destination?

Whether you are looking for a ski destination in France or anywhere else in the world, you must choose according to your expectations. You should consider the following points:
  • the type of area: are you travelling with children, with friends or as a couple? are you a beginner or an amateur?
  • the type of village or resort
  • and the budget: of course, the plane ticket will increase the expenses if you go to the other side of the world. Also, if you want to spend a few days in the best French ski resort, plan a bigger budget too...
In any case, if you don't have any ski equipment, you will be able to buy it before your departure. But renting is a more interesting option, as it will allow you to save money.
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